High Waisted Organic Cotton Compression Underwear Briefs

We created these organic, high waisted compression briefs because we needed more abdomen support during our cardio and yoga workouts. Running with low cut leggings and our stomachs hanging loose was just plain uncomfortable. Downward dog? Forget about it!


  Stomach profile before and after compression Stomach profile after compression

What we needed was breathable compression. They needed to be solid but basic. We chose solid colors so that they'd look like athletic wear and *not* like panties peaking out from our work out clothes.

Solid colors make our briefs look like athletic wear and *not* like undies!Works great with every day outfits!Featuring our 4" inch wide, no-roll elastic, these briefs are strong enough to keep things tucked in. We used our ultra soft eco fabric that is comfortable and breathable (take that Spanx)! Since our eco fabric is made with a majority of bamboo fiber, our compression underwear is also naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and more odor resistant! 

And in case you were wondering, yes! We definitely use these to help us achieve a more svelte look in our every day outfits! 

Low Rise jeans can be uncomfortable and can create a "Muffin Top" effect Muffin Top Before and After Compression "Muffin Top" is greatly minimized (no "Plumbers Butt" either!)

♥︎ Eco Friendly + Organic ♥︎

- 67.5% Bamboo, 27.5% Certified Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex

** Model is wearing size XS and has a waist measurement of 28 inches

Please choose the size that best corresponds to your waist measurement:

XSMALL: 28-30 inches

SMALL: 30-33 inches

MEDIUM: 33-37 inches

LARGE: 37-41 inches

XLARGE: 41-44 inches

* If you're in between sizes and would like a more compressed fit, size down. If you'd like a looser fit, size up! (If you have larger hips, we suggest sizing up!)

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